Family Disputes - Mediation

Legal aid for family disputes has been restricted to matters where there has been domestic violence, there is a fear of abduction, or there are child protection issues. Please call us for advice if you feel that you may be eligible for legal aid and we will take you through the assessment and advise on how you can proceed. It may be that our fixed fee divorce package will suit you if you are not eligible, or mediation may be appropriate.

If you are looking to resolve disputes about splitting up, such as problems with where a child lives and  what contact there should be to separated family members, or financial issues, then there is an expectation upon you to consider mediation as a first step, before court action is contemplated.

We work closely with a local mediation service who may be able to help you - AIM Website.

AIM Mediation charge £180/session per person. Their sessions would include obtaining all the necessary documentation, as well as negotiations and discussions. If the matter then requires the drafting of legal documents, we can work together to achieve this and we will advise you of any additional costs before you proceed.

If this is attractive to you then complete the referral form below - AIM mediation will be in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss setting up the first session.

AIM Referral form