Criminal Defence

We can help with:

  • Police station interviews
  • Financial and regulatory investigations
  • Local authority investigations
  • Health and safety investigations
  • Magistrates’ Court representation
  • Youth Court representation
  • Crown Court representation
  • Court of Appeal representation

Straw and Pearce has built a reputation as a successful and highly respected criminal defence firm. That reputation is based on careful attention to detail and a determination to fight every inch of the way on our clients' behalf. Over the years, our experienced criminal defence team has dealt successfully with every kind of criminal proceeding from motoring offences to fraud, murder and terrorism. We have successfully defended regulatory and HM Revenue and Customs prosecutions as well as corporate offences such as business fraud.

Our approach to defending cases is proactive and robust. Our preparation is thorough.

We helped set up the local duty solicitor scheme more than 25 years ago. All our criminal defence solicitors are qualified members of the current scheme.

Our advice and assistance for criminal clients is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Insist on your rights if you are held at a police station and always ask for a solicitor.

24 Hour Criminal Advice Line 07801 466 811

Department number 01509 632052