Probate & Estate Administration

Following a person’s death it is necessary for someone to deal with the winding up of their affairs. If they leave a Will then this responsibility falls to the Executors appointed in their Will - and to their Administrators in the event they die without a Will (intestate) - to locate and collect all of the assets, settling any debts at death and paying any Inheritance Tax liability. They will then divide the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will - or the Rules of Intestacy where there is no Will. All assets remain frozen until such time as a Grant of Representation has been obtained from the Probate Registry which, in turn, provides authority to deal with the Estate.

Whether you are an Executor (under a Will) or Administrator (where there is no Will), we will be happy to assist you in winding up the Estate. We can give you an estimate of the costs involved or alternatively a fixed fee for dealing with all or part of the Estate.

In addition we can arrange for the sale of stocks and shares on behalf of the Estate and also deal with the legal work necessary to effect a sale of a property or transfer to a beneficiary.