Social Services Intervention

When social services are involved in your life it can be just the help you need. It can also be the beginning of a nightmare where you feel you have no power, or say, in your own life any more, and that your most precious of relationships is under threat. 

It is very important that you get good advice at the start of the process. Emphasis is now very much on making decisions for children quickly, and if changes are needed then you will need the right help and support to make them. We have staff recognised by the Law Society as experts in the field, who are on the Children Panel. Even if there are no court proceedings, we can guide you through the process to help you achieve the best outcome. We also have a dedicated criminal department who can help if the police are investigating matters.

Legal Aid remains available if social services issue care proceedings, whatever your income. It is also available in certain circumstances if there are child protection concerns, subject to your income and capital.  

We can also advise on challenging social services’ decisions by way of complaint and judicial review.