Domestic Abuse

Research has shown that most victims of domestic abuse have endured an average of 35 incidents before they take any action. It is a psychologically complex issue and feeds on need, dependence, loyalty, trust and fear of failure. All types of men and women, whatever their sexual orientation, can be affected. The effect upon dependent children also feeds into the psychology of an abusive relationship; the balance between fears of living alone and managing children as a separated parent, or “putting up with it” is a difficult choice for many victims. Men suffer, as well as women, and also face the social stigma of publicly stating their predicament. It takes great courage to take steps to address an abusive relationship and the legal process of providing protection to the sufferer, and any children involved, can be frightening if you are already psychologically undermined by your closest relationship. 

Fast and effective legal steps can be taken by the police and through court order. If you ask for an emergency appointment, we can fast track you to see one of our *resolution accredited specialists to advise you on how to obtain an effective injunction or to follow through the criminal process. We can also refer you to agencies who are skilled at keeping you and your children safe, if the threat is substantial. Orders can be made in relation to you, your home and the relationship the other party has with the children. 

Action can be swift - and legal aid remains available for victims of domestic violence.