Fixed Fee Divorce Service

To help you through what can be a traumatic and worrying process, we are now offering a fixed fee service for straightforward undefended divorces. 

If you are uncertain of the avenue you wish to take in respect of your relationship breakdown, we offer a fixed fee consultation. 

If you decide that you would like to go down the route of divorce, our fixed fee charging rate is as follows:-

A Petitioner’s costs will be £1133 (including court fees of £593 and VAT of £90)

  • A Respondent’s costs will be £360 (including VAT of £60, but excluding any liability for costs made within the proceedings) 

Your initial meeting will be with one of our experienced and qualified lawyers, who will explain the process to you, ensure you are aware of the implications of your proposals and discuss any other matters that you should consider when divorcing.  

We will prepare all the divorce papers for you, and provide help and advice throughout the process. This will include communicating with your spouse or their solicitor and the court when necessary. 

If, after the initial meeting, you require any additional work or advice relating to the divorce (e.g. children, financial settlements etc) we will ensure this work is conducted by the appropriate expert within our department and discuss our rates in respect of that work with you. 

We can also make referrals for other services such as mediation. 

Please note an initial payment of £300 on account of costs will be required at the initial appointment before work can commence on the fixed fee basis.  

* Whilst we will endeavour to offer a fixed fee for all undefended divorces certain circumstances may prevent this