Notary Services for Business


Julie Brown, as a Notary Public, is able to provide or authenticate documents on behalf of businesses including verifying signatures and documents so that they can be considered legally acceptable in countries outside England and Wales.

Additional services offered by Julie include Notarisation, Legalisation and affixing of Apostille certificates where necessary. She can provide:

  • Affidavits
  • Apostilles and Legalisation
  • Authentication of contracts
  • Document copies requiring notarial verification
  • Documentation to record events which require notarial verification
  • Documents relating to Patents and Trademark change of ownership
  • Powers of attorney
  • Documents confirmatory to share issue certification
  • Statutory declarations
  • Sworn statements and oaths

Charges: If the matter is simple I will endeavour to charge a fixed fee to include disbursements such as legalisation fees, postage, consular agent fees, courier fees, travelling expenses, translating costs and so on. I do not charge VAT.

For more complicated or time-consuming matters the fee will be based on my hourly rate of £240.00 subject to a minimum fee of £120, plus disbursements. The fee charged may include time spent on preliminary advice, drafting and preparation time, making and receiving telephone calls, correspondence written and received in all formats, arranging legalisation and record keeping.

Disbursements: Some documents require legalisation before they will be accepted for use in the receiving jurisdiction by obtaining an apostille through the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and, for some countries, additional legalisation is required through the relevant embassy or consulate

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