Selling Commercial Property

Our experienced and knowledgeable Commercial Property department can assist you, your business or your pension scheme with the following transactions when selling a commercial property:

  • The sale of property as part of a business
  • The sale of commercial property including factories, warehouses, shops and offices
  • The sale of development land including conditional contracts and option agreements
  • The sale of investment property including property portfolios
  • The sale of agricultural land or woodland

The Process of Selling Commercial Property

The sale of commercial property is a complex area and we will, in particular, assist you with the following aspects of the transaction:

  • Negotiating and agreeing Heads of Terms, liaising where necessary with the agents and other solicitors involved in the transaction
  • Preparing the sale contract and advising you of its terms
  • Deducing your title to property to the buyer and dealing with any matters raised by them
  • Replying to standard commercial property enquiries and other specific enquiries raised by the buyer or their solicitor
  • Advising you on the Value Added Tax implications of the transaction by liaising where necessary with your accountant
  • Corresponding with your lender, if applicable, and repaying any mortgage
  • Completing the sale and accounting to you for the net proceeds of sale

How to proceed

At the outset of any transaction we would like to meet with you at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can best understand your specific needs and requirements. Once we have clearly understood these, we can give you an indication of the likely timeframes and expense involved. We have many years of experience in selling and purchasing commercial property and will be able to give you a realistic estimate of both of these at the beginning of your transaction.

We are conscious of the requirement to provide a commercial, proactive and cost effective service to you, whilst not losing sight of the need to address the detail inherent in most commercial property transactions.