Notary Services

Julie Brown, as a Notary Public, is able to provide or authenticate documents on behalf of individuals and businesses, including verifying signatures and documents so that they can be considered legally acceptable in countries outside England and Wales.

Additional services offered include Notarisation, Legalisation and affixing of Apostille certificates where necessary.

Julie can provide certified copies and notarised documents for use overseas including:

  • Adoption related documents
  • Applications for citizenship
  • Apostilles and Legalisation
  • Authentication of identity and signatures
  • Change of name documentation and Deed Polls
  • Copies of identification for financial purposes
  • Documentation for permission to travel
  • Qualification certificates
  • Declarations of marital status
  • Powers of attorney
  • Preparation of documents for individuals visiting the UK
  • Affidavits, Oaths and Declarations made before a Notary Public (eg. in relation to lost passports/certificates)