Adoption of a Child can occur through a child being relinquished for adoption, being placed for adoption by an adoption agency, or by a private adoption.

The rules and law relating to each set of circumstances has different characteristics. If the parent does not consent to their child being adopted, then the court needs to consider whether the welfare of the child requires the consent to be dispensed with.  Step parent adoptions no longer require the parent with parental responsibility to “adopt” their own child. Our Children Panel solicitors can assist you with this.

Special Guardianship Orders

Where  a relative, or a person who is not the child's parent wishes to obtain an order giving them parental responsibility for a child, then the court can consider granting a Special Guardianship Order.   These orders tend to be used where the child is to maintain a relationship with their biological parent which is why they tend to be used where relatives care for a child long term.  This will allow the carer to exercise full parental responsibility and the parent of the child can only intervene in limited circumstances. Practical and financial support is available from the local authority, who have to follow strict regulations in assessing the necessary support and have to provide a report to the Court. We have members of the Children Panel who can assist you with these matters.